Want to Prepare a Delicious Christmas Plum Cake Recipe?

Christmas celebrates the birth of Lord Jesus Christ and as the light of the world, he shared a beautiful message of having companionship and togetherness!! His life was dedicated to the well-being of his followers and he preached the message of moving together and having meals together. What’s Christmas without cake? It’s like looking at the night sky without stars! Won’t you people agree? Likewise, the tradition of preparing the plum cake ingredients has been carried out ever since the notion of togetherness has prevailed in families all around the world. 

All About Baking is back with another blog post about how to make the delectable Christmas plum cake recipe. When Christmas arrives, our baking equipment and orders increase in proportion to the North Pole’s delivery of gifts to the earth.

Let us begin; although we must tell you that we have a huge collection of baking equipment for Christmas. We want to share all about our baking plum cake ingredients with you guys.

Delightful Plum Cake for Christmas

December celebrations aren’t complete without a soft, plum cake. Although there are many Christmas plum cake recipes in India, we will provide you with the best among the rest that is eggless but extremely tasty!!! For a better experience with various baking ingredients, you can substitute yogurt for the egg, which will make the cake softer and plumper.

Commencing with the soak

According to the early years, the blend of dry fruits was soaked in rum or brandy to reflect a mellifluous essence that is far from ordinary.  But it’s not easy to comprehend this situation in India for obvious reasons! Therefore we can share an easy idea that might work out this Christmas. You can easily alter booze for a bottle full of orange juice, lemon juice, and some water and still enjoy the same taste of the dry fruits of the Christmas plum cake recipe. Believe us, this makes the dry fruits irresistibly flavorsome. 

1. Tutti Fruity Trinket  

The key process to making a plum cake is the addition of the Tutti Fruity or dry fruits to add extra sweetness to the cake dough. This cake is cooked slowly at a low temperature so that it turns extremely soft. You need to count and add raisins, some dried apricots, dried cranberries to the juice mentioned above and mix and cook it till the combination condenses and the dry fruits absorb all the juices delectably. You ought to give at least 40 to 55 minutes in order to prepare the cake at around 160 degrees temperature. Make sure you grease the butter making it dense and oily.

2. The Parchment Baking Paper

A parchment paper not only saves time but also is the early generosity added to the plum cake. Preheat the oven to at least 160° C and line an 8-inch round cake pan with parchment baking paper. You can avoid the use of grease/oil for the pans before baking and also it reduces the cleaning time and money. 

3. Some Vanilla Extract

The use of Vanilla Extract is critical in the preparation of any type of cake. Do you know that omitting the vanilla recipe from a cake changes the entire flavor? Vanilla essence enhances the taste in puddings, cookies, cakes & other baking desserts and recipes. At All About Baking, you will find a Vanilla Extract that is Vegetarian &  Free from alcohol and Oil-Soluble.

4. Whiskers Wand 

It is preferable to use a stainless steel whisker for mixing and kneading. In a separate mixing bowl, whisk together the brown sugar and oil until they are pale enough! Continue to add yogurt to the sugar and oil mixture. The most important baking equipment is a whisker. Take a bowl and whisk together the 1 teaspoon baking powder, ½ teaspoon baking soda, flour, spices, and orange zest and set them aside. 

5. Christmas Touch up

All About Baking has a collection of Christmas-related decorations that can be used to re-decorate your plum cake in the most passionate way. The Rain deer cake toppers are non-edible toppers that are quite safe for adding a beautiful touch to your plum chocolate cake or fruit cake. Many of you might ask that we should go for something which is both edible and fancy for Christmas. My suggestion is that you guys should most definitely check out our Edible Santa. Now, these are cute-looking edible wafers that are safe to use and can be decorated a great deal which will have a sweet Vanilla flavor and will satisfy your sweet tooth a great deal.

6. Patience is Must

 Next is the patience part you need to gently fold in the dry plum cake ingredients and mix them well until everything is well cooperative and there are no signs of any large flour pockets in the batter. Make sure that you do not overmix after coming this far with the baking equipment.

7. Last but Not the Least

Bake the entire stuff with the cake pan. Bake the Christmas plum recipe at about 160C for 50-55 minutes or only until a couple of skewers were inserted so that the center comes out pure. Decorate the plum cake ingredients with the toppings and leftover soaked fruits in order to serve the Christmas plum cake recipe. Before that don’t forget that the soaked and dry fruits are to be kept aside as it would be needed and fold the same with the chopped walnuts, dry fruits, and raisins in the batter to prepare the Christmas plum cake recipe pan. 

Would you like to share your own story of having a plum cake during Christmas with a hot chocolate drink?  When we were kids all we wanted was the exchange of presents, the arrival of Santa Claus, and making snowmen; however, that’s not possible for most of us in India. But a delightful feast is worth the wait for Christmas. We have an option for many more desserts other than plum cake-like Gingerbread cookies, perfect sugar cookies, caramel apple pies, Christmas tree brownies, Santa Cake pudding, etc.

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