Home Made Pan Cake Recipe: An Ideal Breakfast

Consuming too much sugar in breakfast is very unhealthy. As you know that we Indians are big-time foodies who are fond of adding varieties to their life as well as variety to their meals. Now, breakfast is essentially important and Indians have the tendency to pile up their plate with unhealthy food like Parathas, Butter-Toast, Medu Vada, Puri Bhaji, Jalebi Fafda, and 5 minutes of unhealthy Maggie. If you are reading this blog then please understand that our body needs something easy to digest and wholesome in the first place.

Therefore, we can state that pancake is an ideal breakfast recipe that can be consumed once in 24hrs. There is no better time other than breakfast to have pancakes with a subtle twist of the recipe. You can add egg to your pancake recipe making it more mouth-scrumptious with reasons of making it better when served with additions. 

The Ingredients for Pancake Recipe with Egg

  1. 100gm of plain or all-purpose flour or almond flour for an even better taste.
  2. About two to three liters of milk.
  3. 2 to 3 eggs as per the number of people or occasion.
  4. Eggs can be also used as toppings with Ham and spinach leaves.
  5. A tablespoon of edible oil like Rice Bran Oil or the Sunflower oil
  6. Honey or maple syrup.
  7. Lemon wedges and frozen cherries for decoration.
  8. Butter for a breakfast recipe.

This is indeed a classic breakfast with a twisting tale of Benedict Eggs.

Recipe & Tips

Pancake mix can be prepared in any form and size, usually need to be flat and sleek with a divine taste, and can be served at easy breakfast or delicacy evenings! The sorcery in preparing a pancake is just a trick of practice. With practice it will get better as you will comprehend the fact that the proportions of flour, oil, batter in preparing the recipe should be well understood. There should be a flexible turning of the pancakes without spoiling and believe me it will take time and can be prepared wholeheartedly.

A. To begin with, you will be needing at least two mixing bowls to prepare the homemade pancake recipe. You can use a whisk or blend it all together, and we recommend doing it with the Rena Germany hand whisk, which has numerous functions – hand blender mixer froth whisker latte maker for milk coffee egg beater that contacts the item.

B. Take a bowl and whisk the flour with a corresponding amount of water for the second choice. In a small mixing bowl, whisk together the eggs, milk, and butter, as well as a tiny amount of dry fruits. As a second option, you go for the all-in-one Tutti- fruity from the baking store.

C. Use a bowl and pour around 100 gms of plain or all-purpose flour. Although you need to drive yourself away from all kinds of heavy work then you should simply purchase the Betty Crocker Pancake Mix, this is an all-purpose baking mixer that can be utilized to make your work easier and will save time. This quality material is a subtle example of a DIY breakfast! All you need to do is add some amount of water and you are good to go as a 1kg pack can be well deserved as it can be and about 44 to 56 pancakes can be prepared out of it! 

D. Pour the batter carefully, which should be around 1/4th of the overall mixture, into a thick yet fluffy layer of pancake mix using a small ladle. Place it, though, so that the edges remain crisp and wonderful. After generalizing the temperature, the base of the pancake should be golden brown, and you’ll have the opportunity to flip it. Cook it for 1 to 2 minutes on high.

E. Now, do this a couple of times more and repeat the batter from time to time and prepare more delicious pancakes laded with egg and ham, and serve it sizzling with maple syrup or honey syrup for a breathtaking breakfast! Serve the dish with frozen strawberry or frozen blueberry or with spinach, scrambled egg, and ham depending on the kind of taste you would prefer.

The best thing about having a pancake is you can actually prepare it within very short notice and feel great about it. It hardly takes 10 to 20 minutes to get ready and twenty minutes to cook. The best thing about preparing an easy pancake recipe is it tastes impressive when it’s served well just after being baked and can be eaten a few hours later for a better flavor but we would want you to have it for breakfast.

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